Tuesday, June 29, 2021

CN investment in Prince Rupert corridor will expand rail infrastructure and port capacity

The summer season heralds the start of another round of infrastructure investment for CN Rail which is set to spend over 460 million dollars in British Columbia towards their operations, more than 200 million of which will be directed towards the Northern line corridor.

Last week CN outlined the scope of their work in BC with maintenance plans underway towards the following:

Replacing 101 miles of rail
Installing approximately 252,000 new railroad ties
Rebuilding 38 road crossing surfaces
Maintenance work on bridges, culverts, signal systems, and other track infrastructure

The background on the investment plan can be reviewed here

The Port of Prince Rupert took note of the railway investment as well, observing through their social media account of the increase to capacity that the summer program will provide for.

CN has also added to its video inventory through its corporate website, with one feature from the collection hailing the value of the Port and its partners in the Northern Gateway, the vignette focuses on the supply chain options that Prince Rupert offers to the shipping world and the growing footprint of the Port on the North Coast.

Some of those CN improvements were also noted as part of the Prince Rupert Port Authority Annual Public Meeting, which was held in mid June at the Atlin Terminal.

More notes on CN Rail can be reviewed here, while updates on themes can be found from our Port Archive


  1. CN invests $200 Million in the northern line
    CN spends $30 Billion to buy Kansas City Southern
    CN revenue for 2019 was 14.9 Billion
    CN is fined $100 000 for spraying herbicide between Rupert and Terrace

    I hope CN finds it in their corporate heart to chip in a couple of schillings to our waterfront redevelopment. Like maybe towards an overpass to the new airport ferry so we don't get stuck behind their trains?

  2. A responsible Corporate Entity making a large investment in our North West