Friday, June 11, 2021

Three Days of Seafest Underway

Here Comes the Sun is the message for this years Hybrid Seafest, and on cue the rain of the last few weeks has given way to generally sunny skies today and hopefully much of the same through to Sunday.

The popular June event has once again been put in the position of having to suspend the usual large crowd gathering events for this year as a result of the current COVID measures in the province, but the fun will continue through a range of events designed to get us outside and to share in the Spirit of Seafest in small groups of friends and family.

We charted much of the next few days ahead back in May and one of the first of the events is already underway with the Tribute to Seniors and elders in the community. 

This year the annual Tea has been taken to the Seniors and Elders through the Seniors Tea Cheer Box, learn more about how that is rolling out today. from the Special Events website.

As well for much of the week, residents, business owners and corporate offices have been putting their best look forward through the Seafest Decorating Contest. More on the event can be found here.

One event that was launched this morning was the Selfie-Scavenger Hunt with the list of clues published by the Prince Rupert Special Events Society this morning to send Rupertites out in quest of success.

Learn more about the Scavenger Hunt here.

Also underway is another opportunity to explore the region, with the Seafest Hiking Trail Bingo, which is hosted in partnership with the Prince Rupert Trails Society.

Get outside this Seafest weekend (June 11 - 13, 2021) with your family bubble! Scan QR codes found at participating trails, share a selfie of your family bubble and compete to win amazing prizes! All registered participants will automatically be entered a prize at the end of the weekend.

You can get your copy of the bingo card from the Special Events Society website.

Food has always been part of the Seafest Tradition and this year won't be any different, with the range of local food trucks and restaurants ready to dish up some Seafest goodies, along with a chance for you to pick up some prizes.  Explore the opportunity here.

For the latest in Seafest News for 2021, follow the Prince Rupert Special Events Facebook page here.

We have also noted a few of this weekend's events through our Seafest archive page which we'll update through the weekend.

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