Tuesday, June 29, 2021

City of Prince Rupert looks towards start of Environmental Site Assessment for Waterfront development plans

The areas of study this summer as part of a City of 
Prince Rupert call for bids for an Environmental 
Site Assessment around the Kwinitsa/ Rotary Waterfront park area
(image above from BC Bid documentation)

The City of Prince Rupert is moving forward on its waterfront development plans, with a current request for proposals now posted to the BC Bid site, the call for Bids one for a proponent to conduct a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment.

The documentation for the RFP provides a thumbnail sketch of some of the elements that the City has included in this Phase One assessment.

Historical Information Review 
Site Inspection 
Onsite Records Review 
Public and Private Records Review 
Phase I ESA Reporting

Director of Operations Richard Pucci is the city's contact person for the project, the timeline one that will see the work take place through much of this summer with an early September deadline for completion.

The waterfront area is the focus of some of the City's vision planning from recent years, with a number of initiatives planned for development including a relocation of the Airport Ferry and refurbishment and new life for the Historical CN/VIA Rail station adjacent to the Rotary Waterfront Park. 

The deadline to submit a bid is July 16th by 2PM, with all bids directed towards the attention of the Director of Operations.

You can review the full details of the call for Bids from the BC Bid website.

A review of some of the city's past Bids and Tenders can be found here.

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  1. This is coming at at cost. At what point is the city going to inform the taxpayers of the plan, at least a projected cost, who is invovled, equities in the parternship.

    The taxpayers have a right to be informed. This used to be called transparency. The city has lost sight of the word tranparency.