Monday, June 28, 2021

Cranes Crossing seeks variance to move forward on work for Transitional housing in Prince Rupert

Work could soon resume on the Cranes Crossing 
Transitional Housing facility with City Council to review
a variance request at tonight's session

While things appear to be at somewhat of a standstill at the moment for the refurbishment of the old Drifter hotel into the Cranes Crossing Transitional housing option, behind the scenes the wheels are in motion to move forward into the renovation plans.

Tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session will see the Council members consider a request for a variance for the location, with the proponents of the supportive housing facility looking to amend their building permit to allow for metal cladding siding for the structure.

In report to Council from the city's contract planners at iPlan, (available on page 8 of the agenda for tonight) Chris Bucah from iPlan notes that the reasoning behind the request is related to budget challenges towards the development.

Council will be advised by their contract planners that the change is supported by civic policy and falls into compliance with the guidelines for multi-family development Guideline permits.

The development which will be managed by the North Coast Transition  Society of Prince Rupert will serve as both the community's homeless shelter, as well as to provide for transitional and supportive housing services. 

Something that will help to address some of the ongoing challenges that many in Prince Rupert are finding in finding accommodation at the moment.

More on tonight's Council Session can be explored from our Preview here.

More background on housing themes is available here

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