Thursday, June 10, 2021

Regional District seeks input on Housing Needs across North Coast

North Coast Regional District is looking for your contribution towards their review of the Housing Need for a number of the member communities of the Region, with their work this spring and summer to assist in their obligations under new Housing legislation put in place by the province.

As part of their efforts to meet those obligations the Regional District will be preparing a report and develop recommendations to help inform their future policy on housing in the region.

To assist them in their work, NCRD has selected the Calibrate Group to provide its expertise towards developing their report, with the first step an online survey which has just been launched on the NCRD website.

The  survey features 23 questions, the first segment basic information taking as to where you live, how long you have lived on the North Coast and if you have had residence in the same home for the majority of that time.

The Housing specific questions ask about the type of housing you are currently in, whether that housing is what you need for your current needs and what the cost is of the housing you are in.

Other questions explore whether your current home is in need of improvement or repairs, if there are many vacant homes in your area and if homelessness or squatting is an issue in the community where you live.

One question puts some focus on the challenges of housing for Seniors, Elders and those with disabilities.

The remainder of the survey offers up some space for extended commentary on housing or other housing related issues that you may wish to share with Regional District officials.

The areas to be considered in the Housing Needs Assessment include: Electoral Area A (including Dodge Cove); Electoral Area C (including Oona River); Electoral Area D (including Tlell, Tow Hill, Lawn Hill and Miller Creek); and Electoral Area E (Sandspit). 

The District notes that the work at hand does not include the incorporated municipalities of the City of Prince Rupert, the District of Port Edward, the Village of Queen Charlotte, the Village of Masset, and the Village of Port Clements, which have recently completed or are currently working on their own separate HNA reports. 

However, respondents to the survey can note if they live in those areas and seemingly contribute to the survey if they wish.

The survey period comes to an end on July 31st

Once they have their data collected, Regional District and their partners at the Calibrate Group will get to work on their report, which they hope to have completed and published by the end of December of this year.

More details on the consultation process can be explored here.

Further background on past Regional District themes can be reviewed here.

A wider overview of Housing across the region can be found from our archive pages below:

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