Friday, June 25, 2021

Mayor Brain provides Primer on City frustrations over local Pot grow ops

As the weather warms up and more residents make their rounds of the downtown area, the aromatic stylings of marijuana grow ops continue to provide for the spark to conversation around the city, with the latest edition of the City's ongoing frustrations on local grow ops returning to City Council on June 14th.

The topic was once again brought up for discussion, this time by Councillor Nick Adey who recounted some of his shopping encounters with the public who raised their concerns over the seemingly exponential growth of the grow ops.

The Councillor launching the latest review of the situation by suggesting that more communication may be required by the City to share word of the city's limitations on the issue.

Mayor Brain outlined the city's position on the situation, observing how the City does not support any commercial marijuana growing operations within the commercial, or residential areas and officially the city does not accept that type of activity in those locations in the community.

He then outlined the various areas how the city has no ability to control the situation, with the issue one of a Federal licence with no notice required to give to the city and that a loophole in the Federal law trumps any bylaw in any community.

As well, the Mayor observed how the City has almost Zero jurisdiction and has not even be notified as to where the grow op locations are being put in place. He further outlined how the City has been in contact with MP Taylor Bachrach to express the city's concern over the situation, noting that there may be a review of the situation by the Federal government in the Fall.

He relayed the frustrations of the city with a medical licence requirements loophole that has created similar situations in many communities and how the city will raise the issue again with a number of municipal organizations.

Towards Councillor Adey's call for more communication with the public, Mr. Brain's answer was short, observing of how he views the situation at the moment.

"In terms of communication, yes, we could easily communicate with the public more what that issue is, however it is technically challenging thing to communicate and I think people want an easy answer to what is actually a complex problem" -- Mayor Lee Brain on local grow op concerns

Mr. Brain observed how he is actively engaged with the MP and other municipalities on the issue.

You can review the council discussion from the City's Video Archive of Monday, starting at the 11 minute mark.

The topic has come up at council before, you can review the evolution of the City's position on the theme from the notes below:

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