Monday, June 28, 2021

BCMEA offers support towards innovative Prince Rupert program at Trinity Recovery House

The ongoing work at Prince Rupert's Trinity Recovery House has caught the notice once again of the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association, with the organization providing for additional funding for a local aftercare program at the 11th Avenue East facility.

Last week, the BCMEA announced that it would provide a 5,000 dollar contribution for the program, which will support leading edge software options that are a critical element of the Recovery House's aftercare program in support of those transitioning out of the Prince Rupert location.

The “My Recovery Plan” software system will be accessible to the facility’s staff and clients, allowing them to assess a client’s needs and formulate a transition plan outside of the Assisted Living Facility. The Trinity Men’s Recovery society has established a new Aftercare Program Coordinator position who will oversee implementation of the tool.

Program Director Willy Beaudry outlines how the program makes for an expansion  to the Recovery House options for those that have passed through the doors on 11th Ave East.

“The recovery journey doesn’t end when a client leaves our facility. With the expansion of our programs and capacity over the last four years, we are proud to be adding integrated aftercare to our offerings. The generous support of local employers and associations like BCMEA highlights the fact that every community is stronger when it has access to resources and personnel that promote healing.”

For the BCMEA, at the opportunity to lend some assistance and call attention to the work of Trinity Recovery House is part of their commitment to the Prince Rupert region.

"No investment is more important than an investment in people.Through our work with Prince Rupert’s waterfront workforce and employers, we recognize that a sustainable port community is one that provides effective support to those who are struggling with alcoholism and addictions. 

We understand that a critical way to assist those struggling with addiction is to establish strong supports which can lead to successful long-term recovery. Along with our local members, we are proud to support the important work at Trinity Men’s Recovery House, particularly the new Aftercare Program that seeks to provide a roadmap for clients to ease their return to healthy patterns of work and living.” -- Mike Leonard, President and CEO of the B.C. Maritime Employers Association.

The 11th Avenue East Trinity Recover house
Photo from Trinity Recovery House FB page

Currently Trinity Recovery offers nine publicly funded beds for clients, and provides healthy meals, 24/7 response, facilitated group sessions and activities, clinical counselling, a 12-step recovery program and First Nations practices.

You can learn more about their work in Prince Rupert from their website and Facebook page.

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