Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross takes on the Cancel Canada Day call

Social Media has been full of many comments in recent days calling for Canadians to not take part in any Canada Day activities in communities across the nation this year. 

That call coming in the wake of the Kamloops Residential Schools graves discovery, the need to act on the Truth and Recognition Calls to Action, as well as a way to put more focus towards Indigenous rights, with #CancelCanadaDay one of the more prominent options to share that message.

However, there's one significant voice from the Northwest taking a different approach to what Canada Day should stand for, with Skeena MLA Ellis Ross taking the issue head on with an online commentary that provides his perspective on the current political climate in the province and nation. 

"We shouldn't be wiping out history, add to the history ... If anything this Canada Day and this BC day for me, is a celebration of how far we've come and how much more we'v gotta go. But don't cancel Canada Day and BC Day, that's the one day we can actually talk about how we can come together as Canadians, regardless of what we're trying to fix" -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross

Mr. Ross notes of the challenges facing the province and the country, calls on not only the history of his own family, but that of the sense of community in the region  to suggest that the need for more shared experiences to add to the dialogue.  

The MLA's online commentary is quickly getting shares through Social media and shout outs from some of the province's media commentators, though as is the case with anything on Social media, the contribution is providing for a range of opinions. 

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