Sunday, June 6, 2021

Blog Watching: Week ending June 6, 2021

This having been a City Council week, there was a fair bit of news generated by the city's Mayor and Council membership, much of it in the area of the city's infrastructure challenges and how the City plans to address them.

Those discussions got underway with an extensive conversation and trial balloon of potentially asking residents to go fifty/fifty on some area improvements.

This week also saw the award of the annual paving contract, this time going back to Adventure Paving, as part of the presentation on the contract award Council heard some background on how the city is approaching its immediate and long term paving options.

DP World's Fairview Terminal made some news this week as well, with the arrival early in the week of a new crane for the terminal site now expanding south on the waterfront, the newest arrival noted as the largest crane to be installed at a port facility in Canada.

We also relayed some sad news for the community, making note of the passing of Moe Hays the long time resident who built the sport of golf into a popular passion for many Rupertites. 

However, the top item of interest for the week comes from City Hall and their look at another change in how they may approach some local area infrastructure in the future.

Council looks towards potential shared partnerships with residents on some infrastructure issues -- What normally would have bee a pretty routine, if not mundane request for a variance to build a garage, turned into an extensive review of how the City may move forward one day on local infrastructure, with the Mayor and City Manager floating the idea of a City/Neighbourhood partnership.     (posted June 5 , 2021)

That article was followed by:

Prince Rupert's Black Top Challenges, City Council hears Primer on Paving -- Council heard some details on how the annual paving plan is put together, as Richard Pucci the City's Operations Manager outlined the challenges of trying to tend to the many areas that need repair.     (posted  June 3, 2021) 

A can of Worms ... and other conversation starters  --  A review of how Council's priorities may not necessarily at times be the priorities of those who live in the city provided for a strong readership and some interesting comments as well.  (posted June 4, 2021) 

Bragging rights come to DP World Prince Rupert with moving in day for Canada's largest terminal crane -- DP World's Fairview Terminal has received another workhorse for the Pacific gateway with the arrival this week of a new crane constructed in China and shipped to the North Coast.  (posted June 1, 2021) 

Moe the Pro, Prince Rupert's Gentleman of the Golf Course passes away, leaving a legacy of golf and camaraderie on the North Coast -- 2021 has taken another of the many leaders in the community who have helped to build Prince Rupert; with the passing Moe Hays, the popular former golf pro at the Prince Rupert golf course who was instrumental in growing the sport in the region.     posted June 1, 2021) 

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