Monday, June 7, 2021

Chamber of Commerce to expand work on Reconciliation both provincially and locally

The Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce has outlined some of the plans it has ahead to expand on their work towards Indigenous Reconciliation, following up on some province wide initiatives with some of their own.

In a Social Media post last week, the local Chamber highlighted the provincial program which will see Chamber representatives meet in regional discussion to show how the policy will move forward and share the policy initiatives as part of their Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

The Chamber policy features four key elements for action towards a 'sustainable business relationship with Indigenous peoples'"

The BC Chamber's information release can be reviewed here.

As for the Prince Rupert and District Chamber, their officials outlined their plans as follows:

On the local Chamber level, the executive committee has been reaching out to leadership on band-owned economic development corporations to discuss how we understand their business operations and to find areas of partnership and support to further strengthen our community economically and socially. 

The understanding of Indigenous Reconciliation in how we do business, and sharing how we can build better relationships with our Indigenous community members will continue to be a major priority for how the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce operates.

You can follow those efforts as they move forward through their Social Media feed.

For more notes on the local commercial sector see our archive page here.

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