Monday, June 28, 2021

City of Prince Rupert reopens the doors to limited public participation in Council Sessions

The latest indication that our challenging times of COVID may soon be more of a background topic than one of immediate concern comes from City Hall, where some loosening of COVID related measures appears underway.

As we noted in our review of the June 14th Prince Rupert City Council Session, the Mayor and Council members had returned to their desks in the Council Chamber, the first gathering in person since November of 2020.

With the Council members now back in their seats, we made an enquiry of the city's Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller, seeking some guidance on the path forward for civic governance  coming out of our COVID measures.

In a reply, Ms. Miller outlined how the City Council participation will evolve over the next few months, as well as to note that access to City Hall has also reversed its course of action from the more limited options of recent months.

The Public will be permitted to attend in person, almost in the same manner as prior to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, until such time as we move to Phase 3 of the BC Restart Plan, masks will be required while in the building. 

We are somewhat limited in the capacity in Council Chambers but have taken measures to ensure the safety of those wishing to attend, and, of course, for staff and Mayor and Council. Current capacity for attendees Is 8. 

City Hall itself is open to the public. Certainly if people feel more comfortable making an appointment, we can facilitate that, however we are open. At present, safety measures such as masks while inside and remaining 2m apart are still in effect. -- Prince Rupert Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller

The first opportunity for residents to make their return to a City Council session comes this evening, with a chance to raise comments or concerns with Council members as part of the Committee of the Whole starting at 7PM.

You can contact Ms. Miller at 250-627-0963 to learn more about the City Hall access protocols or to provide for comments for council if you can't make it down to Third Avenue West yourself tonight.

You can also follow tonight's session through the city's video feed from the City of Prince Rupert website.

A look at what's ahead on tonight's Agenda can be reviewed from our Council Preview here.

More notes on City Council discussion themes and other civic related notes is available here.

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