Monday, June 7, 2021

PUMP Track plans get boost from online auction

The NCMBA hopes to install a PUMP track of similar
design to the above somewhere in Prince Rupert in the near future

Last week we provided a look at some ambitious plans locally to expand on the cycling infrastructure in the community, that following a presentation to City Council by members of the North Coast Mountain Biking Association. 

The near forty minute presentation to Council by Craig Rimmer and Charles Tree last Monday evening made note of their plans for trail development around the city, as well as the hopes to see a PUMP Track installed in the city. 

The NCMBA officials bringing a collection of examples of what such a facility would look like and how it could be used by bike enthusiasts in the region.

That presentation can be explored further here.

Part of their information relay included notes on their fundraising work to date which continues on in the community and recently has been assisted by one launched by Loaded Sports, which is currently hosting an online Auction to help raise funds for the local Association.

The Online Auction was introduced on May 19th and continues on through this month with the final day and end of bidding coming on June 30th.

All of the items up for Bid were donated by Loaded Sports in support of the NCMBA plans for the Pump Track. The Details for how the bidding works come from the Facebook page dedicated to the Auction are as follows:

To bid on an item, place a comment with bid amount below the picture of the item. Bidding starts NOW and will end at midnight on June 30th and those who placed winning bids will be contacted for payment and pick up details. 

Item quality is ranked from Okay, Good, Great, and Excellent Condition. Most of these are used somewhat.

You can learn more about the Auction here.

Further notes on the North Coast Mountain Bike Association  can be found from their Facebook page.

You can keep up with other notes on cycling in the region from our archive page.

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