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MLA's Week: June 7-10, 2021

Work towards Reconciliation and notes on the Salmon Fishery were among some of the themes this week for MLA's at the BC Legislature. 

The days for further discussion dwindling now,  as the members head towards the final day of sitting next week prior to what will be a three month departure from the conversation of the Chamber.

One item that may come up for discussion in that final week, could be the latest salvo from American politicians over the transit of Alaska cruise ships, with a Senator from Utah calling for American legislators to make the recently adopted temporary measure of bypassing Canadian ports a permanent decision.

As for more on the recent week of work from the House, the four days unfolded as follows:


On the week, Ms Rice was  not mentioned in the record for the week in the Legislature from June 7-10

While she did not take part in the conversation of the Legislature on the week, the MLA kept constituents up to date on Provincial Government announcements and other notes through her Social media stream.

Included in her current of social media mentions was an announcement from Friday of more funding for transportation across Northern BC, including an extension of funds for the BC Bus North.

Transportation access across the northwest has been a frequent topic for the MLA and we outlined some of the history of that contribution to the debate as part of our notes on the announcement.

The North Coast MLA is also a member of the Following committees:

Ms. Rice serves as the Government's Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness


For our readers from the Terrace-Kitimat region, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross  was  mentioned twice in the record for the week in the Legislature from May 31-June 3

Among his contributions to the Legislature discussion on the week were comments and observations on the provincial approach to Electoral Boundary change and how it will work under UNDRIP

The Skeena MLA also spoke to issues and approaches towards Reconciliation as part of this week in the legislature.

Mr. Ross also offered up a challenge to some of the #CancelCanadaDay themes currently found on Social Media.

With a focus on the Pacific salmon making news in the province this week, the Skeena MLA provided some of his thoughts towards support for the iconic British Columbia symbol and resource

This week also saw the BC Liberal party publish the findings of its post mortem on the 2020 Election campaign, with Prince Rupert's Don Silversides, the Acting Party President noting of how it will inform the membership as they look to select a new leader in February of 2022.

Mr. Ross is currently the BC Liberal's Opposition Critic for Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

The Skeena MLA is also contesting for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party


For our readers from the Bulkley Valley area, Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen  was not mentioned in the record for the week in the Legislature from June 7-10

While there was no appearance in the Legislature on the week for Mr. Cullen, the Stikine MLA was part of the roll out of the announcement of a new engagement between the Government of British Columbia and the Tahltan Nation.

Mr. Cullen did gain some notice in the BC Liberal report on the 2020 election, his mention related to the start of the campaign and some controversy at the time related to his nomination and how the Liberals failed to make more of an issue of it during the election campaign.

Mr. Cullen serves as the Government's Minister of State for Lands and Natural Resource Operations 


There is more background on all three Regional MLA's available from our MLA's Week Archive, as well as our constituency archives below:

MLA's will return to the Legislature on Monday morning at 10AM  

MLA's also participate in a number of Committee sessions scheduled through the week.

A larger overview of provincial issues can be found on our political portal D'Arcy McGee 

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