Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Charles Hays Theatre returns to the Lester Centre Stage this weekend

A welcome billboard has been going up around the city in recent weeks, notice of the next presentation of the Charles Hays Theatre program and this years production of the Musical Matilda.

The much anticipated event set for its three day run from Thursday to Saturday at the Lester Centre of the Arts, the 2021 musical the first live stage production before an audience in two years.

This years feature presentation is the story of an extraordinary girl who dares to take a stand and change her own destiny,  a wee bit of a primer on the original script can be explored here.

Roald Dahl's creative genius is taken from the book by Dennis Kelly, with music and lyrics from Tim Minchin.

The production is once again helmed by Alison O'Toole and the talented cast, crew and musicians from Charles Hays Secondary, along with a few helpers from local theatre and music to round out the ensemble and those behind the scenes.

The 2020 production did not have a live audience and instead was streamed online, a unique solution to the then challenging COVID  times. 

This year however will allow the cast and crew to receive that instantaneous feedback that a live audience can bring to an event, so anticipation must be high for those that have been involved in the project through the fall.

From the early development of September, through the auditions, rehearsals, set building and other odds and ends of a major undertaking; the cast of 24, musical contingent of 15 and those working with them all no doubt look forward to the curtain rising on Thursday with three shows to deliver.

Tickets are available for 11 dollars for Students and Seniors 16 for adults you can purchase them through Cooks Jewellers, the Lester Centre or online.  

The three shows take place at 7:30 PM on December 2nd and 3rd and at 2PM on December 4th.

The usual COVID protocols will be in place for anyone planning to take in the production. With the audience required to wear masks and have vaccine passports on hand for admittance.

With the additional time required for those protocols, audience members are asked to arrive early to allow for and easier admittance process.

When the houselights come up at the end of each show, Rupertites will also have an opportunity to not only reward the cast, crew and musicians with applause, but provide for a salute to the Head of the Charles Hays Drama Department, providing appreciation for the work of Ms. O'Toole, recently recognized as the BC Drama Teacher of the year.

There seems no better venue to hail the talented Ms. O'Toole than on the stage of the Lester at one of Prince Rupert's most cherished of events, one thankfully back and ready to welcome audiences starting Thursday.

More notes on Community Arts and Entertainment can be reviewed from our archive page here.

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