Friday, November 19, 2021

Planned Power Outage will take a large area of Prince Rupert off the grid Sunday morning

BC Hydro has some work planned for this weekend for the Prince Rupert area, and for approximately 3,875 customers the lights will be out in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The  Hydro company has posted the streets that will be impacted by what should be a three hour outage from 1AM to 4AM on November 21st, much of which stretches from the Hays Cover Circle area to the Pillsbury area on the West side of the city.

A general scope of the area to be facing a planned power outage
from 1-4 AM on Sunday morning

A much smaller planned power outage is planned for Saturday for an area off of Prince Rupert Boulevard and 11th Avenue East, that one affecting 43 customers and lasting from 930AM to 4PM

The full list can be explored in the planned power outages listings of the BC Hydro website

Officials from BC Hydro note that they have already informed those that will be impacted by the Sunday morning work, customers have been notified by a range of measures which include mail, email or phone.

The work for Sunday is related to Hydro's Oldfield substation.

More notes related to Hydro themes in the Northwest can be explored here.

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