Friday, November 26, 2021

Wednesday Windstorm made for busy hours for City's Emergency Responders

Every piece of the City of Prince Rupert's Firefighting apparatus
was put in use during Wednesday's windstorm

As the wind picked up through the day on Wednesday, so too did the pace of calls for emergency service assistance, as the city's Emergency responders hopped from call to call during the course of the weather event.

The busy day for responders saw RCMP, Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue and BC Ambulance Service members responding to a variety of situations driven by the wind and its impact on the community.

The Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue service has released its total call for service listings for the day, posting the details to their Social Media stream.

Over the course of a seven hour period of Wednesday's extreme weather event, the city's fire fighters responded to 24 emergency calls, noting that no injuries were reported from any of those responses.

As the winds roared through he city, all six of the city's fire apparatus were put into service, as firefighters were kept busy doing triage on emergency calls across the community.

In addition to the firefighters out on the streets, the city's 911 dispatchers were kept busy as calls came into the First Avenue West Fire Hall.

The Prince Rupert RCMP have not as of yet released any details of their responses through the storm, but the volume of police cars criss crossing the city during the height of the weather event indicates a busy day was realized by the members of the Prince Rupert detachment as well.

In addition to the emergency responders, city work crews and those from BC Hydro had a hectic period during the storm and after it had passed by.

A look at the impact of the storm in the Prince Rupert area can be found here, as well as from our Weather Archive page.

More notes on the work of Emergency Responders across the northwest can be explored here.

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