Friday, November 26, 2021

Rainmaker Senior Boys enter 2021-22 Basketball season with a Number 5 spot in provincial season opening rankings

Hoops Season at Charles Hays Secondary is almost ready for tip off

The BC School Sports Association released its High School Basketball rankings this week, the listings charting the course ahead as the pursuit to Provincials in Langley for next year gets underway next month across the province.

For the Senior Boys Rainmakers at Charles Hays, the team enters the upcoming basketball campaign as a Number 5 seed for the season start. 

The review of the Double A  Division rankings and those for all other divisions of BC High School Basketball available for review from Howard Tsumura's Varsity Letters Blog.

The North Coast Review drove into the key with Rainmakers coach Ryan Bishop this week for a look at these early days for Rainmaker basketball. 

He outlined some of the travel plans ahead for the Senior Boys, with their first taste of competitive action coming next week as they travel to Terrace for a tournament on December 3rd and 4th.

That's followed by what has become an annual visit to the Lower Mainland and the No Regrets Tournament on December 8th.

As for the rest of the Northwest basketball season and Rainmaker games home and away, the schedule for 2021-22 is currently in the midst of some changes, with a final version yet to be delivered.

The start of this years Basketball season has been delayed a few days in the southern regions, that as the Lower Mainland and other communities across southern BC await the lifting of the current travel restrictions which are making for some challenges in wrapping up the fall sports and launching the winter ones.

To keep up with the provincial scene we can't recommend enough a follow for the Tsumara project, which is about the best resource on High School and University Sports in BC that there is.

For updates on the path ahead for the Senior Boys Rainmakers and other sports teams from Charles Hays that we hear updates on, follow our archive page here.

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