Friday, November 26, 2021

City to seek additional funding for CN Station revitalization project through NDIT program

Council approved plans to make application for some additional
funding opportunities with NDIT for the CN Station project

Prince Rupert's City Councillors decided to follow the advice of staff on Monday evening, approving a plan to apply for some additional grant funding through the Northern Development Initiative Trust towards their CN Station Revitalization project on the Prince Rupert waterfront. 

The City Council Agenda for Monday evening made note of a Report from Paul Venditelli, Manger of Transportation and Economic Development which provided some background on the funding opporunity.

Report for Council on funding opportunity
for the CN Station renovation plans
(click to enlarge)

Mr. Venditelli was not in attendance at the Monday Council session, so the verbal review of the NDIT funding was provided by the city's Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller.

In her review, Mrs. Miller outlined how the 5.3 million dollar CN Station revitalization project fit into the City of Prince Rupert Vision while also meeting many other aspects of funding, such as job creation, improved tourist amenities and developing a new local destination. 

She observed  how the bulk of the project is funded through a Northern Capital grant, and then highlighted how those elements match up within the scope of a grant program with the Northern Development Initiative Trust, with the city to seek 300,000 dollars from that funding program towards the project.

The report published in the Agenda from Mr. Venditelli also noted that following revitalization of the asset the City intends to lease the space for commercial purposes to Wheelhouse Brewing.

Councillor Mirau was the only member of Council to speak to the topic on Monday,  putting his support behind the request to seek out the additional funding.

"I think not only is that project obviously worth supporting but I think that the funder has very compatible objectives to what we are trying to achieve  there. So I think it is a good fit and obviously a worthwhile application to support" -- Councillor Blair Mirau

With Mr. Venditelli not on hand for the session, those in the community hoping perhaps for an update on the progress of the project, or further thoughts of Council on it will have to wait for another opportunity.

Council members did not spend any time discussing the project other than the vote to move the funding request forward.

The CN Station plans were also not part of the review of Major Projects later in the evening which was presented by Director of Operations Richard Pucci.

Ms. Miller's overview for Council can be reviewed from the City's Video Archive starting at the11 minute mark.

Further notes on the Monday Council Session can be reviewed here.

A look at some out our past items on the CN Station renovation plan can be explored here.

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