Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Unanticipated water/sewer repairs, landfill site expenses make for challenges for city's utilities budget

Increased need for water and sewer line repairs is taking a toll
on the City's utilities budget forecast for 2021

The city's Chief Financial Officer Corinne Bomben alerted City Council to some challenges facing the city's Utilities budget on Monday night. 

The Chief Financial Officer making note of an increase in emergency work on sewer and water lines in the community and new measures on the landfill site from the province that have made for additional expenses.

The CFO's overview came as part of the September Financial Variance Review, with Ms. Bomben making note of the areas of concern for Council during her presentation.

"The Utilities budgets are projected to be close to, or over budget by year end. Breaks in supply lines and sewer mains have required larger areas to be cut, filled and paved than budgeted. 

The Ministry of Environment has implemented  stricter requirements at the landfill,  which require additional specialized testing. 

These costs were unbudgeted and are projected to have an impact on the final results at year end"

The Council members had no questions for the CFO, nor did they take up the topic of the landfill issue with Mr. Pucci, the Director of Operations who was on hand for the evening.

The report which is available from the City Council Agenda, notes as well, that the issues raised by the CFO would have an impact on the solid waste fund maintaining its' self-funding ability this year.

As they didn't ask any questions, or share any comment on the topic at the Monday session, the members of Council did not indicate how the City may approach, or address covering those additional  costs should the scenario play out as thew CFO has projected.

You can review Ms. Bomben's presentation to Council from the City's Video Archive starting at 21minute mark.

More notes on Monday's Council session can be reviewed from our Council Timeline.

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