Monday, November 22, 2021

Appointments to Airport Board offer opportunity for Council to update some Airport themes tonight

City Council members will be announcing the appointment of City of Prince Rupert representatives to the Prince Rupert Airport Society tonight.

With Corporate Administrator Rosamaria Miller, Manager of Transportation and Economic Development Paul Venditelli and Deputy Corporate Administrator Antonio Vera all set to take up their duties.  

Update: Note that the city also added Mr. Cody Smith to the list of appointees as part of their Monday evening announcement.

The duties somewhat more familiar for Mr. Venditelli and Mr. Vera who have served on the Society Board previous.

As they announce the roster for 2022, Council may also want to take advantage of the opportunity to provide the public with an update on Airport operations.

As part of the Council meeting tonight, the City's CFO Corinne Bomben will deliver the September Financial Variance report which once again will highlight some of the challenges for the airport this year.

Also of interest for the public will be the status of the Airport Manager's position which has been vacant since it was announced that Rick Leach, the former Manager had left the post back in October.

With the topic of the Airport up for a look over on the night, how the city's plans to move forward on filling the Manager's post, something that they haven't spoke towards as of yet, as well as other themes on aviation such as efforts to increase service out of YPR could make for some talking points from Mayor and Council on the evening.

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be reviewed here.

A look at Airport related themes in the Northwest can be explored here.

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