Monday, December 13, 2021

Home Mailer campaign provides launch for 2022 curbside recycling program

Over the course of the last week, providing the mail made it to your area through the snow, residents of Prince Rupert have received the latest information update on the City's Curbside Recycling program with a home mailer arriving in mailboxes to outline the path ahead as of January 1st, 2022.

And this is one piece of mail that you will receive this holiday season that you don't want to banish off to your recycling bin with too much haste!

The home mailer brochure includes a map of the city, divided in a number of sections with a corresponding colour to go along with the new calendar for the year ahead, which features a few new wrinkles. 

Included among them, for the most part a dedicated day through the year for our neighbourhoods, which means the day of the mental calendar math to remember when garbage day is soon to be at an end.

As well, the city is about to introduce a program of picking up garbage/recycling in two areas of the city each day

The City's Go Map program has been updated to feature the collection areas and you can zoom into your specific property location to see where you fall on the collection map.

The information package also provides a few notes on how the program will work, with a reminder to have you garbage and recycling at curb-side by 8AM

The January launch also offers up a chance for homeowners to make a switch of their garbage cans if they wish, that after some residents in the community noting of the smallish size of the containers provided this summer.

However, while you can switch over (for a cost) the City continues with its mission to encourage a much smaller footprint for garbage from its residents.

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Should you require a larger can for your home, you can click on a link on the city website and Request a New Bin, the city notes that there is a one time exchange fee and that an additional collection charge may apply.

On the latter, you can replace the word may from the brochure, with the words Will be charged from the bylaw.

City Council provided final approval towards the new Fees for Garbage and Recycling at their December 6th Council session, which included the  addition of the annual fee of $100 dollars for the Super Size Cans, that in addition to the $518.04 fee for Solid Waste in 2022.

A look back at the path towards curbside recycling in 2022 can be explored from our archives.

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