Monday, December 20, 2021

Prince Rupert Port Authority notes of opening in New Year for Seal Cove Marsh restoration project

The west side of the Seal Cove Restoration Project which is 
edging closer to an opening sometime in early  2022

Weather and supply chain issues have made the journey a bit longer than originally thought, but in a short message on their Social Media stream today, the Prince Rupert Port Authority is offering up the prospect of the finish line for the Seal Cove Marsh Restoration project.

The notice today observing that benches and lights are to be installed next month, with the project to be complete and Open for the public early in the New Year.

Still Closed to the public but the finish line is in sight,
with only a few more elements to add to the Seal Cove Recreation space
on the city city's east side

The project was announced by the Port as part of their remediation work over construction on the Prince Rupert waterfront and has become part of the City of Prince Rupert's Vision planning, coming out of a Lester Centre presentation in 2019.

A collaborative project with the City of Prince Rupert, which provided the land for the development the much anticipated 4 million dollar project will make for a new recreational opportunity for residents with a spectacular  setting as seen above in the Winter Wonderland mode.

Originally it was set to be completed in July of this year, however supply chain issues and weather combined to push that deadline further back, with the New Year of 2022 now noted as towards its opening to the public.

A more formal Grand Opening to come in the Spring of 2022, when all Rupertites no doubt hope the snow will be but a memory and warmer Spring days make for the chance for a walk around.

An overhead shot (pre snowfall days) of the site for the Seal
Cove Marsh Restoration Project

Track the path it took from design to near completion from our 2030 Vision Tracker archive.

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  1. funny how there are no complaints about weather and supply chain issues delaying the port...just anything to do with Lee Brain gets that complaint I guess.

    Although this seal cove project is to be commended, it is also months behind schedule just like the last "park" that the port built in Cow Bay