Thursday, December 30, 2021

More woes for Prince Rupert Library, as water damage closes Sixth West facility

More issues of note for the city's Sixth Avenue West Prince Rupert Library
with water damage leading to a temporary closure for the facility

Having only recently re-opened after some heating issues, the Prince Rupert Library is once again Closed to the public this tine after the structure has suffered water damage.

The Library making note of its latest situation through their Social Media feed this morning.

Few details were provided towards the nature of the water damage, with patrons advised to make use of the blue bin for Library Returns in the interim period.

In their website advisory, they note of hopes to reopen as soon as possible.

You can monitor either their website or Facebook page for updates.

Last week we relayed their notes on Boiler issues at the 6th Avenue West facility, those troubles had left the Library closed for December 20th and 21st, the Boilers are scheduled to be replaced as part of a Capital program in 2022.

With water now also a concern, a peek into the plumbing in the building may be worth a look as well, and perhaps even an exploration for the year ahead towards the prospect of a new facility for the House of Reading in Prince Rupert.

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