Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Boiler repairs can't come too soon for Prince Rupert library workers and patrons

The Prince Rupert Library in more gentles weather days,
the current cold snap and malfunctioning boiler have led
to a Closure for the facility in the early part to this week

The cold snap of late is just a little bit colder at the Prince Rupert Library, with the Sixth Avenue West facility having closed its doors this week owing to the cold temperatures and broken boiler system.

The Library posting the details to their closure to their Facebook page on Monday, noting that a reopening won't take place until conditions inside the facility improve.

The Boiler and heating woes for the Library made for one of the Capital Spending approvals by Prince Rupert City Council as part of last week's Capital program reveal.

The fifty thousand dollar replacement program was noted as part of the City's Summary of work required on buildings and structures.

Capital spending plan for the Prince Rupert Library
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You can follow the Prince Rupert Library Facebook page to see if the situation improves this week.

The Library is also set to head into its Holiday schedule which will see a number of days of closure through to January.

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  1. too bad Lee Brian is not a pshychic and couldnt see this issue a few weeks or months in advance. better late than never i suppose