Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Prince Rupert RCMP tally up the year of Service in year end report

It was a busy 2021 for the members of the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP

The Members of the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP have had a rather busy 2021 and as the days now dwindle down to the final few of the year, the local Mounties have released some data on their work through the last twelve months.

In an information release from Tuesday, the RCMP outlined the scope of the 8,435 files that were created in 2021, among the notes of interest:

Files resulting in charges being recommended: 636
Total impaired driving related files: 77 (21 of these files led to charges being forward)
Total files related to Covid19: 24
Total files related to November's windstorm: 21
Total mental health related files: 358
Number of check stops conducted: 48
Number of #WantedWednesday's arrested: 4

The report also notes of the challenges of another year of pandemic and the efforts towards creating a better community.

The complete report is available here.

Two members of the local RCMP detachment at the
Northland Terminal waterfront
(Photo from Prince Rupert RCMP)

As the year comes to an end, there is still some unfinished business from 2021 for Prince Rupert City Council to report back on.

Earlier this fall, Mayor Lee Brain had noted of a change in Operations for the local detachment with an interim Inspector in Charge on hand at the time and plans for a new commander set to be coming aboard at some point to lead the local Force out of the Sixth West detachment. 

So far the City has not announced who has taken on the duties of the day to day policing of the community.

"We have an interim Inspector right now and the RCMP is in the process of recruiting and bringing forward applicants for the actual position, which has been I think within this year frame" -- Mayor Lee Brain speaking at Council in late September on the quest for a new Detachment commander

Also still to be delivered is a public information session with the local force to provide a snapshot of policing in the community and the challenges that face each of the officers in their day to day duties, as well as to how the City may be able to improve on policing in the community.

That forum had been suggested by Councillor Nick Adey back in September, however no progress it seems was found in providing for a public conversation, nor any indication if the councillors did hold one in private outside the scope of public review, as was one option that the city councillor had suggested.

Hopefully that makes for City Council resolution for 2022, to host a public information update on policing in Prince Rupert for early in the New Year and part of Council's early days to do list.

To their credit, the Prince Rupert detachment has increased their flow of information on local policing themes in recent months, though one feature they may wish to import from surrounding areas, is a weekly review of the case files that make for their day to day work on the streets.

Communities such as Kitimat and Terrace previous, have been providing these informative snapshots that provide a glimpse into the work and concerns in the community, as well as to provide a guide as to where the community needs to improve on a range of issues.

More notes notes on the work of Emergency Responders in the northwest can be reviewed from our archive page here.

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