Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Coffee and Hot Chocolate at the ready this weekend for Golf Club winter enthusiasts

Perhaps taking note of the volume of footprints in the snow heading off to the fairways, the Prince Rupert Golf Club is looking to share in the spirit of our recent snowfall, offering up hot coffee or hot chocolate this weekend for those using the Club's landscaping as Prince Ruperts Winter Wonderland.

In a post to their Social Media stream on Monday, the invite has been issued with the coffee and hot chocolate at the ready from 11 AM to 1PM on Saturday and Sunday at the Pro Shop.

The extended stay of this fall festival of snow (Winter officially does not arrive until Tuesday December 21st) has made the long down hill fairways a popular destination for sledders, with snowshoers and cross country skiers traversing the eighteen holes as part of a rare physical fitness regimen for Rupert.

There may even be some free powder on those runs by the weekend, with the Weather Network noting of the possibility of up to 5 cm of snow on Friday and Saturday, while the Daytime temperatures are perfect for a few runs down the hills.


For those who prefer the Golf Course in its more natural colours of Green and splashes of sunshine, the summer golf season is the focus for the Christmas one, with the Club House featuring a number of items of interest for Golfers or Santa's helpers in the community.

Follow the Prince Rupert Golf Club's Facebook page for updates on activities at the golf course during the offseason and for when it again opens to golfers.

More items of interest on the Prince Rupert Club and Course and golf across the Northwest can be found from our archive page.

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