Monday, December 20, 2021

Prince Rupert Gymnastics Tumbles and Vaults into new Rushbrook location

It was load out weekend for
the PRGA as they made their
move to their new home
in the Canfisco warehouse
at Rushbrook

(Photo from PRGA FB)
This past weekend was Moving Day for the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association which made the journey from their most recent home of the lower area of the Museum of Northern British Columbia to their new digs in the City of Prince Rupert/Canfisco Warehouse adjacent to Rushbrook Floats.

The two day adventure in moving began on Saturday and continued on through Sunday as the Association and a helpful list of volunteers shifted the Gymnastics equipment to its new location.

Sunday was mostly a day of arranging the equipment in the Warehouse location and making plans to resume their classes as the New Year approaches. 

The move in operation continues through this week and you can learn more about that here.

The last class at the Museum took place on December 17th bringing an end to four years at the museum, the move downtown coming after some challenges at accessing space in the City's recreation centre five years ago.  

A cause which City Councillor Wade Niesh often Brought to the Council Chamber in search of some resolution.

The planning for the new location at the old Canfisco Warehouse began just about one year ago, with word that the Association had signed a lease with with City of Prince Rupert towards their new home in the Canfisco Warehouse, which the City of Prince Rupert has since sub-leased out to other tenants as well towards a range of uses.

In February of 2020, Mayor Lee Brain outlined some notes on the city's involvement in the leasing program at the Warehouse property.

"Council and staff saw this unexpected opportunity as a way to obtain a new strategic waterfront asset and protect the community uses that currently benefit that area ... We believe having a new indoor space next to the revitalized Rushbrook Trail, the boat launch and Cow Bay down the road will be a great addition to the waterfront and fits into our newly formed 2030 Vision" -- Mayor Lee Brain on the city's interests in a warehouse on the east side waterfront February 2020

He added some current thoughts to that narrative on Friday evening through his Social Media feed.

The PRGA plans in motion also meant an increased push towards fund-raising and grant applications which have had some success in recent months, such as this good news from October of this year

And the work continues on as PRGA  begins to realize their past ambitions for a new home.

The New Space for the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association
as they move into their area of the Canfisco Warehouse
near Rushbrook Floats

As they settle into the new space, they are working on plans towards expanded classes in 2022 and the opportunity to host their own First Competition in March of next year. 

Though as we all know by now, things such as tournaments and events are all based on the COVID protocols in place at any given time. 

You can review some of the work that went into the Weekend move and the salutes to those that helped out through the PRGA Facebook page

Learn more about the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association from their website as well.

More notes on Gymnastics in the community and the PRGA path to the new location can be found from our archive page.

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  1. does anyone else rememebr how negative this blog was towards this city/mayor-led project when it was announced? how the turntables