Tuesday, March 30, 2021

BC Government funding announcement brings an addtional 700K to Waterfront project in Prince Rupert

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice shared some news on Monday on funding for the proposed shift of the Digby Island Ferry dock from Fairview Bay to a more central location near the city centre. 

All part of an ambitious  redevelopment plan for the Kwinitsa Station area of the Prince Rupert Waterfront which will also see the creation of a new marina for the community..

As part of some tourism related funding, Ms. Rice relayed the government's plans through her Social Media feed locally noting of 700 thousand dollars in funding towards the project first announced back in 2019 as part of the Prince Rupert 2030 vision plan reveal.

In an email to the North Coast Review, Ms. Rice confirmed that this is additional funding, to go with the one million dollars toward the project announced in February.

"The earlier grant for the Rural Economic Recovery stream of the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program comes from FLNRO while yesterday’s announcement is the Tourism Dependent Communities Initiative from Tourism." -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice

Yesterday's update, brings the total provincial investment to date into the project to 1.7 million dollars.

The  full release of all the tourism related funding, including funding for the Perimeter Trail reconstruction and highway pedestrian crossing in Smithers, can be examined here.

The proposed Rupert's Landing (until a name change is decided upon) development will also see a renovation of the old CN Rail station as a project separate from the Marina/Ferry Dock work, the latter of which is to take place in partnership with the Gitxaala First Nation.

The project is just one of a number of proposals from the Vision 2030 session of a few years ago, we've tracked the progress of some of those now underway here.

More notes from the MLA's work at the Legislature can be reviewed from our archive.


  1. This is fantastic news! So much to celebrate with new waterfront development... I wonder if the northern view will bury this story like they did about the prior $1 million grant?

    Unlike the msm mantra 'if it bleeds it leads', the NCR slogan could be 'if it reads it leads'!

  2. Why is this good news. Council has not given information to the taxpayer. Cost would be a good starter. Structure of the partnership. Who has control. We received grant money for the dam project and at the last minute council changed the plans and we had to borrow another 10 million dollars for the project. This is the plan for Waterfront project. Just keep throwing little bits at it until they announce it as if everyone agrees.

    All information should be up front prior to any agreement on this project. Just look around the state of this city. If council believes this is a priority they should look around.

    Housing they keep going on about. No subdivision in the works. Port Edward is doing well on road and infrastructure under it rebuild. We rebuilt one block of one road in five years. We haven't mentioned roads. We have large transport trucks driving through the city as the Cow Bay bridge is in such a bad state loaded trucks cannot use it, we haven't mentioned the bridge. The city street sweeper is to heavy for the bridge.

    What happened to the very important second access to section 2. This was all the rage a while ago. Oh CN station moved to front of line.

    New industrial land needed. Knut is going to eat Prince Rupert's lunch soon. Lee will complain they should not get any money from Prince Rupert. The agreement was made years ago. The city should get over it.

    I could go on and on. Readers are welcome to point out all the other stuff I have missed.

  3. A few notes on your themes, first off the City had noted that some form of a loan would be required for the dam project so the term 'another' is somewhat incorrect, though the cost of that loan more than likely escalated related to the scope and delays to the project.

    As for the street sweeper, I have not followed the vehicle on its rounds, so not sure as to its limitations on any bridges, though perhaps a good question for the councillors to raise.

    Many of your contribution are quite timely though, particularly the need for regular updates on these projects and the council's views on which are priorities for the community ...

    Thanks for the contribution