Tuesday, March 30, 2021

With more favourable weather for cycling ahead, a new option for cyclists at the Atlin Terminal

One of two locations for cyclists in Prince Rupert
to lock up their bikes to explore the Cow Bay/Waterfront area

Just in time for what we all hope will be sunnier days and warmer weather, the Prince Rupert Port Authority has made ready a place to lodge your bike while you explore the sights around the Atlin Terminal and Cow Bay Area.

Maintenance crews have been busy putting in place bike racks in the area directly adjacent to the Atlin Terminal with two locations available for cyclists; one as part of the public gazebo space across from the Terminal, the other at the western end of the Terminal just down the hill from the Wheelhouse Brewing Company.

Monika Côte, the Manager of Corporate Communications with the Prince Rupert Port Authority outlined how the planning for the bike racks came together.

The bike racks were installed to address safety concerns at the entrance/exit of the parking lot. The City of Prince Rupert was kind enough to allow PRPA to install the bike racks in the area near the parking lot exit to improve visibility.

The location makes for a midway point for those who like to transit the pathways between the Kwinitsa Station area and points to the east along George Hills Way towards Rushbrook Floats.

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