Monday, March 22, 2021

CityWest Closes Prince Rupert offices, reduces services for two week period owing to COVID

CityWest has closed its
Prince Rupert storefront
until April 6
An update from Friday on the CityWest website and social media stream has alerted their customers to a temporary change in operations for the City of Prince Rupert owned company, with the local storefront and operations in the Prince Rupert office to be Closed for a period of fifteen days.

The closure begins today and will continue through until after Easter, when the storefront reopens on Tuesday, April 6th.

CityWest notes in their advisory that they are taking this action to keep employees and customers safe in response to the rising number of COVID cases in the city.

In addition to the storefront closures, some additional measures have been put in place for their technicians who make service calls around the community. 

During the period of time of the storefront closure, CityWest technicians will refrain from entering customer homes unless absolutely necessary. 

"We are asking our customers to perform self-installs or self-fixes, and our technicians are available on their phones if you have any questions." -- From CityWest service notice through to April 6

Last week, the BC CDC released its weekly review of COVID cases in Northwest British Columbia and for the fifth consecutive week, the pace of COVID-19 had increased in Prince Rupert, with 117 cases reported for the week of March 7-13.

Updates on CityWest operations can be found from their website and Facebook page.

Should you have an inquiry about CityWest service you can contact them at 1-800-442-8664

For more notes related to CityWest in Prince Rupert see our archive page here.

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