Monday, March 22, 2021

Council to consider seeking out grant funding for organic based wetland waste treatment proposal

City of Prince Rupert Operations Manager Richard Pucci
(seen above from a previous Council session) will be seeking
approval of Council to pursue a grant opportunity towards
plans for an innovative waste treatment proposal

As the City of Prince Rupert moves forward with its planning for the third phase of their water infrastructure program, how to process the waste that will be streamed to a new waste treatment facility will be up for review tonight.

As part of tonight's City Council session, the city's Operations Manager Richard Pucci will outline for council some notes related to a grant funding opportunity through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, with the City considering an organically based wetland system as part of their approach to the processing of our liquid waste.

In the Report, which you can read below from the City's Agenda package for tonight, Mr. Pucci notes that the cost of such a project would be in the area of 3 million dollars, with the grant to provide for up to 500,000 dollars of that cost, with the City responsible for the remaining portion. 

Council may offer up some more background on the proposal and ask questions this evening if the request is one made as part of a public presentation to Council at this evenings session.

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1 comment:

  1. Help me understand why, after eight years, city officials are still writing grants for this project?
    Are we not at a +200 day boil water advisory and the city that doesn't want to update their residents on that advisory, the city that has no curb side recycling wants to write another grant for their water project so they can be as green as possible?
    oy vey