Thursday, March 18, 2021

Labour union adds to calls for financial support for Prince Rupert Airport

With the province of British Columbia having recently announced it's plan to assist airports across British Columbia, attention has now turned to the Federal government and their so far glacial pace of support, or to even address some of the many concerns that local airport authority's have as they face the challenges of COVID-19

Today, airports like Prince Rupert's YPR, received some vocal support that coming from the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees, a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The union represents workers who supply key services such as emergency response, customer care, maintenance, and administrative services at airports throughout British Columbia.  

They addressed their call for a larger financial footprint to both the Federal and Provincial governments.

In an information release the union noted how airports such as YPR have a large economic impact on the communities they serve as well as to generate significant employment.  

"As recovery from the pandemic moves forward, regional airports will be an essential building block. Airports lie at the foundation of the tourism industry and many other sectors of the economy. They are part of the economic engine that will drive our province forward.  

While the federal government has provided some support for infrastructure to these airports, none of it addresses the real problem of helping them meet their basic operational costs. The government must consult with the Airport Authorities to learn where they are hurting the most. 

Communities across the province rely on airports, the government must not let them down." -- Barry Tchir, Regional Vice President of the Canadian Union of Transportation Employees. 

The call for Federal support for airports and other elements of aviation in Canada has been a constant one for Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach who has raised the issue a number of times in the House of Commons in recent months. 

Though so far the Federal government has not indicated that it has a plan to share as of yet, that may offer some additional financial assistance to the aviation industry at the local level.

The Prince Rupert Airport has been particularly hard hit by the suspension of air service to the community by Air Canada back in January, it was recently announced that the Vancouver-Prince Rupert service will resume on June 19th.

More on the PSAC call for assistance can be reviewed here.

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