Thursday, March 18, 2021

North Coast Regional District looks to launch consultation on Housing Needs Assessment for a number of member communities

The quest for more information when it comes to housing need in the region will make for an upcoming study from North Coast Regional District, that once they decide on who will be the successful applicant towards a request fro Proposals posted to the BC Bid website.

In the background notes towards their Housing Needs Assessment project, Regional District outlines what they will be looking for from those looking to apply towards their project.

The NCRD wishes to ensure it has a comprehensive understanding of the regional housing market and that it can respond to any gaps with appropriate housing policies and future bylaw revisions. 

To meet this need, the regional district requires a consultant to undertake a housing needs assessment to examine the state of market and non-market housing needs across the housing continuum within our communities.

The member municipalities that will be assessed as part of this call for submissions will include:

Dodge Cove -- Population 41
Oona River -- Population 68
Tlell, Tow Hill -- Population 539
Sandspit -- Population 340

In their overview, regional District notes that the City of Prince Rupert, District of Port Edward and Villages of Queen Charlotte, Masset and Port Clements are all responsible for completing housing assessment for their own areas.

Once the Regional District assessment is complete, officials plan to amalgamate all of the housing assessments into a final regional report that will explore the deliverables from this housing needs assessment project.

Towards the work of the Regional District project, they have identified six major task areas for the report process.

For the applicants, Regional District suggests at least a six to seven month process will be required for the work which will begin with data collection and lead to a final report for the regional government officials to review.

Daniel Fish, the Chief Administrative Officer for the Regional District is the contact person for the project, with the deadline for submissions set for 4PM on Wednesday March 31st.

The full package of information from the Regional District can be found from the BC Bid website, though it is listed under the former name of the NCRD that of Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District.

More notes on housing in the Northwest can be explored here.

A wider overview of past Regional District themes can be reviewed here.

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