Friday, March 19, 2021

City of Prince Rupert to consider five year lease for Bob's on the Rocks

Prince Rupert City Council will be delving into the task of realty management in a few weeks, with the City currently noting of a proposed license to occupy for Bob's On the Rocks, with a five year term under consideration at the familiar site at the head of the Rushbrook Trail.

The Notice, published in the back pages of the weekly newspaper outlines the nature of the five year term and the leasing rate under consideration.

"City Council is considering entering into a Five Year License to Occupy with Bob's on the Rocks (the 'lessor') for the approximate 2,518 square foot portion of land known as 299 George Hills Way in the Rushbrook Improvement Area (the 'property') ... Rent to the City is proposed at $5,074.79 plus GST annually. The licence is for the purpose of semi-permanent vending and sales in the Rushbrook area"

As part of the notice, the City is directing any enquiries concerning the proposed property disposition to the Corporate Administrator Ms. Rosa Miller.

To share whatever comments or questions you may have, you can reach her at or by regular mail at 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert BC V8J 1L7.

Any correspondence is required to be delivered by Friday, March 26th, 2021

The City of Prince Rupert is considering a lease for 
Bob's on the Rocks in the Rushbrook Improvement Area

The famous fish and chips eatery is now part of the growing Gitmaxmak'ay Group's business collective, with the local Nisga'a group purchasing it last year as part of their ongoing expansion of business interests.

It will also make for the latest leasing of land between the two organizations, with the Society having leased land adjacent to the Rupert Lawn and Garden Centre in the Seal Cove area two years ago as part of their expansion of that site.

The growing portfolio of business has come with Blair Mirau serving as the Chief Executive Officer for the Gitmaxamak'ay Society, he has been at the helm for much of this expansion period for the Society's Group of business ventures.

Mr. Mirau also serves as a current member of Prince Rupert City Council. 

Bob's on the Rocks is also within eyesight of one of the other City of Prince Rupert commercial holdings, that of the Canadian Fish Warehouse space at Rushbrook which they began leasing out in 2020.

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  1. The council should have had an advertisement inviting proposals from any small businesses who might be interested in running Bob's on the Rocks; rather than having private discussions with one proponent that just happens to be associated with councillor Mirau and then notifying the public of the intention to issue a lease. All the best and every success to Gitmaxmak'ay Group, but how this was handled by the City council does not pass the smell test.