Friday, March 26, 2021

MLA Rice shares some 411 on Emergency response, as she recognizes 911 Emergency Service Dispatchers


"Today I'm recognizing Emergency Service Dispatchers and 9-1-1 Awareness Week, which we'll be celebrating the week of April 4.

 Each day, our emergency service dispatchers and 911 operators receive approximately 5,000 calls. 

These call takers and dispatchers are the first of the first responders, the voice that people need to hear when they are in a time of great need." -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice speaking to the work of Emergency dispatchers

As part of her presentation in the Thursday morning statements portion of the Legislature day, Ms. Rice also made note of the impact of COVID on emergency responders province wide, as well as on the North Coast. 

The MLA hailing the work that they have done in response to calls through the last year of the coronavirus and the impact it has had on both them and on our communities.

"My home community, Prince Rupert, has been hit hard in recent months, and we are so thankful to have received vaccines last week. But no British Columbian anywhere in the province has come through the year unscathed. 

Beyond COVID-19 itself, I know this pandemic has caused great strains on our communities and impacted our collective mental health. I know this past year has made the work of emergency dispatchers more complicated, but we're so thankful there is someone there to answer our calls."   

In Prince Rupert, the First Avenue West Fire hall is the home for local dispatchers who handle the city's fire calls, dispatching fire crews to calls 24/7. 

Other emergency calls are routed to dispatch centres in other areas of the province.

The MLA has posted the video of her presentation to the Legislature on her Social Media stream

More notes on some of her work in the Legislature can be explored further here.

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