Wednesday, March 31, 2021

SD52 provides update on Budget Consultation process, with Budget decision Looming in April

Members of the Prince Rupert School Board of Education hosted an online Budget Consultation session on Monday, providing a wide ranging review of the Budget process so far, as well as to share some of the feedback that they have received from the public to this point of their work on the financial planning for 2021-2022.

SD52 has provided the full overview of the Monday presentation, posted to the District website, which outlines many of the elements covered during the course of the session this week.

The opening of their review included a look at the plans ahead over the next five years, with notes on teacher recruitment, some forward momentum towards a new middle school and a look at the Focus of Education that the Board has adopted, a five point program towards learning as well as some of their Frameworks towards enhanced learning.

Documentation  also included a look at Graduation rates, as well as the impact of the pandemic on student learning and achievement.

Towards the Budget process, the District has provided a glimpse into the factors that impact on Budget Making as well as what they have heard from those who have participated in the process to date.

The Board provided some additional background on some of their Risk Analysis towards education in the District, outlining many of the factors they are working with when it comes to crafting their financial plan for the next few years.

When it comes to following the money at the School District offices, the majority of the District's expenses can be found in one category that of Labour costs, an area which takes up close to 90 percent of expenditures.

Looking ahead the Board notes of the timeline ahead when it comes to hearing of staffing challenges for the year ahead. With retirements and resignations part of their planning process, as well as planning for the PRMS replacement project as well as whatever new challenges COVID may deliver.

The full overview of the Budget presentation, which is well worth exploring to understand the process can be found here.

With their consultation process now at an end, the Board next meets on Tuesday April 6th to review the feedback from the public and any additional notes that may come along until that date.

The Budget Decision making will be complete by April 13th, with a Third Reading of the Budget document to come in May.

At that time, students, parents/guardians, staff and support workers will all have a sense of the path ahead for education in the Prince Rupert area for the year ahead.

More notes on the SD52 Financial review can be found from the Board of Education website here.

Further notes on education across the Northwest can be found from our archive pages here.

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