Friday, March 19, 2021

Work underway on new housing for Kootenay area in Prince Rupert

Site preparation work is underway for new affordable housing
along Kootenay Avenue on the west side of Prince Rupert

It's been a busy few weeks of demolition along a couple of blocks of Kootenay Avenue as work continues for site preparation towards new affordable homes in the community.

As part of the preliminary work, excavators have knocked down the old structures and workers have packed a fair amount of the debris into large bags awaiting disposal.

The rows housing along Kootenay Avenue are now but
a memory as work continues on site preparation

As we noted back in early February, the plans for the new housing to come began their forward momentum after a fair bit of controversy among some of the neighbours related to the original design, with the end result now one that will see eight fewer homes on the site that will soon see construction start. 

A diagram of one of the new townhouse units planned for
the Kootenay Avenue area
(from the City Council Agenda of Feb 8)

You can get a glimpse at the plans for the site from the Agenda Package from the February 8th Council Session

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