Monday, March 29, 2021

Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society outline upcoming job opportunities for range of enterprises

Bob's on the Rocks at Rushbrook Floats, just one of a number
of Nisga'a business enterprises looking for summer help this year

The Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society is hosting an online Jobs Fair of sorts at the moment, providing some background on a range of job opportunities available with the local organization. 

In notes shared at mid month, they observe of the list of open positions at one of the growing number of businesses and services that they own and operate in the Prince Rupert/Port Edward region.

Among those enterprises that they are putting the Help Wanted sign out at include:

Bobs on the Rocks
Rupert Lawn and Garden
Yaga Cafe
The Rainflorist
Port Edward General Store

The notes on prospective employment are relayed through the Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society Facebook page which also includes a video from CEO Blair Mirau, who provides a guide to the organization and the jobs available starting in April or May.

Rupert Lawn and Garden at Seal Cove
(photo from Gitmaxmak'ay FB Page)

In addition to the listing of the jobs from his presentation, the Gitmaxmak'ay CEO also reveals the new name for their latest venture that being a cafe to be called Yaga, which he observes in the Nisga'a language means located at the bottom or base of a hill, something he notes is 'a pretty perfect description' for the location which is part of the Rupert Lawn and Garden venture in Seal Cove

That area as the Gitmaxmak'ay official who also serves on Prince Rupert City Council notes, is soon to be the community's latest park space with work underway on the lagoon area.

He also makes note of the opening day for Bob's on the Rocks, located at the end of the Rushbrook Trail, as we outlined earlier this month, the Gitmaxmak'ay and the City of Prince Rupert are currently exploring a five year lease for that property.

For those wondering if they're a 'good fit' for the range of Nisga'a owned business operations, Mr. Mirau offered up some notes of assistance on that theme.

To learn more about the opportunities now available see the Gitmaxmak'ay video below

Or review the notes from from their Facebook page.

You can also contact the CEO through his email at

For more notes on the Nisga'a Society in Prince Rupert/Port Edward see our archive page here.

Further notes on the city's business sector can be explored here.

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