Friday, January 1, 2021

Municipal Government 2021 -- Nass Valley

Our quick reference and archive of items from the Nass Valley

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(Prince Rupert/Port Edward)

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November 30 -- Restoring Cranberry Connector (video)


October 25 -- Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Economic Development Corporation claims Award in 2021 Indigenous Business  NCR


September 27 -- Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society continues water refills for members  NCR


July 22 -- Nisga'a Nation re-opens Nass Sockeye access for food fishery  NCR
July 19 -- Natural gas firms, Nisga'a Nation unite on. $55 Billion dollar venture in BC
July 19 -- Nisga'a Nation and partners propose new $10B LNG mega project
July 19 -- Nisga'a Nation launches Ksi Lisims floating LNG project (video)
July 19 -- Filing of LNG project description the next step for Nisga'a led terminal proposal near Gingolx NCR
July 8 -- Nisga'a Nation provides update for members on KSI Lisims LNG plans  NCR
July 6 -- Proposed LNG project near Gingolx will cost $55 billion, export 12 million tonnes of LNG per year
July 5 -- Nisga'a Lisims government proposes LNG site (video)
July 3 -- Developers promote $55 billion LNG project in northwestern BC


May 21 -- Status Quo funding plan by Nisga'a Lisims Government of concern for local Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society  NCR


April 29 -- The passing of Justice Tom Berger mourned across Canada and especially by the Nisga'a Nation  NCR
April 19 -- Food Security ambitions in Prince Rupert gain provincial funding  NCR


March 19 -- City of Prince Rupert to consider five year lease for Bob's on the Rocks  NCR
March 18 -- Nisga'a Nation explores LNG opportunities with Texas based energy company NCR


February 8 -- Nisga'a Vaccine Supply confirmed (video)


January 29 -- Nisga'a COVID Update (video)
January 27 -- Nisga'a wait for vaccines (video)
January 15 -- Nisga'a COVID update (video)
January 13 -- Nisga'a COVID emergency (video)

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