Monday, March 22, 2021

Second Avenue West location proposed for Ecotrust Canada Community Urban Garden

225/227 Second Avenue West is the site that Ecotrust Canada
would like to develop as an Urban Garden in Prince Rupert

City Council will receive a report from their contract planners at iPlan tonight that will chart the future of a proposed Urban Garden in the community, with the planning firm providing some background on the site which has been proposed for the project located at 225/227 Second Avenue West.

The location which was last used as the Bus Lot for Farwest bus lines when it operated in the city has been an abandoned patch of land for a number of years now.

A delegation from Ecotrust Canada is scheduled to make a presentation to Council towards the proposed Garden development, which will be part of tonights City Council Committee of the Whole process starting at 7PM this evening, the council session streams live through the City of Prince Rupert website.

In a report for Council from iPlan and available through the Agenda Package, (see page fifteen of the Agenda) Council will hear of the proposal for the temporary land use required which is listed for up to three years.

A diagram which is part of the agenda package for tonight's Council Session
showing some of the elements of the proposed Urban Garden for Second Ave West

The project would provide for a temporary greenhouse, garden planters, storage shed and a covered deck area.

Towards further advice for Council, Chris Buchan, an assistant planner with iPlan notes:

This proposal is not anticipated to disrupt the neighbourhood. This proposed use has been supported by many residents during the Rupert Talks OCP and Zoning Bylaw engagement. This may be a good example to the public and the City of Prince Rupert that urban agriculture can be a permitted use in the draft Zoning Bylaw #3462. It is recommended that Council proceed to the statutory public notification period.

If approved by City Council, the process will move forward to public notification.

The location for the proposed Urban Garden is one which will put the project within very close proximity to the Ecotrust Offices in Prince Rupert, which are located just across Second Street in the Ocean Centre.

As we outlined earlier this month , Ecotrust Canada has introduced their new coordinator for their Food Systems Program, with Charles Gerein set to watch over the project as it plants its seeds and takes root in the community.

For more notes related to this evening's City Council session see our Preview here.

More notes on past Council themes can be reviewed from our Council Discussion archive.


  1. So the city is going to put an urban garden beside a high volume four lane traffic artery, which is near a bus loop, has sidewalks and services.
    At the same time, they are going to haze a treed lot on 11th for housing, which has no services, limited transit options and no sidewalks for housing.
    The City of Prince Rupert is under no obligation to make sense to you.

  2. "This proposal is not anticipated to disrupt the neighbourhood"
    Well we don't want to disrupt 7-11 customers now do we?

    "supported by many residents"

    Back that up, what was the level of engagement on this topic, how many respondents specifically wanted urban agriculture in the downtown core, and how may respondents wanted it on that corner.

    This just sounds like somebody's pet project is getting pushed through.