Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Prince Rupert's COVID vaccination clinic puts the community in the spotlight and at times makes it the bullseye

Many residents spotted the Global News cruiser on Monday
as the TV network's staff travelled the city as part of their 
coverage of the Prince Rupert vaccination program this month
(image from Global TV BC twitter feed)

The roll out of a large scale community wide COVID vaccination clinic has propelled Prince Rupert into the heart of the news cycle this week, with the community receiving province wide and at times national attention for a program that plans to vaccinate every adult over 18 by the end of the month.

As residents of Prince Rupert and Port Edward made their trip to the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre yesterday, they probably couldn't help but have noticed some of the media attention they were receiving. 

Whether it be from local sources or from out of town, with journalists on hand to chronicle the second day of the vaccination push in the community.

Global News reporter Emad Agahi is one of a number of 
journalists covering the Prince Rupert COVID vaccination clinic

By day's end, the Prince Rupert story had made it's way to a number of dinner time newscasts both local and afar.

Global BC



Along with the growing news coverage however, has come some less than flattering chatter on social media as the topic of the Prince Rupert program gains more attention and in some cases confusion, or outright anger that the province has decided on this course of action for the North Coast.

Councillor Blair Mirau speaking to Global News on Monday
(screen shot from Global News website)

When he's not providing for the many sound bytes on the Prince Rupert clinic for the range of media in town, Councillor Blair Mirau has taken up a post as a watcher on the Prince Rupert Social Media Wall. 

Keeping alert for some of that social media chatter and trying to inform and explain why the vaccination program has taken place and how it was needed.

Judging by the volume of commentary to be found of late, the Councillor may have a full time job ahead of sharing information and knocking down some of the more concerning of opinion that can be found.

The vaccination clinic continues through the month, as does the appointment taking for those yet to book an appointment, the number to call is 1-866-481-2175.

Further items of interest on the the community wide vaccination program can be explored through the Northern Health Facebook page for Prince Rupert.

For more notes on the Prince Rupert vaccination program can be found from our Prince Rupert focused Northern Health archive page.


  1. What's concerning was the lack of media coverage leading up to the city wide vaccination. Acropolis was decimated by the introduction of the virus. Local media did an admirable job relaying that impact onto the community but it was too late.
    It is disappointing that no other regional or national media picked up on this tragedy to help shape the current public perception of our community.
    No mention of the challenges faced by a small community that had an exposure to their LTC home with already exhausted health care resources. The first question I had when we experienced the spike was, "how many ventilators do we have?" From what I heard, we had one which was barely functional.
    There is always two sides to a story, and people should lean back from their keyboards and factor that in before typing.

  2. Call a spade a spade. Boils down to dollars. The amount of federal tax dollars made here is enormous. Dp world, rti, prg, Alta gas, Pembina, cn rail, pinnacle, all have worked thru the entire pandemic. All those covid cheques gotta be paid somehow. A full town shut down would be crippling. Be safe peeps and prayers 🙏 to all that have lost loved ones.