Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Northern Health declares Acropolis Manor COVID-19 outbreak to be over

Acropolis Manor in February, the flag at half mast in memory
of those who had passed away at the long term care facility
as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak

After close to a two month period, Northern Health has declared that the COVID-19 outbreak at Acropolis Manor has come to an end.

The official announcement from the health authority was released this morning.

The first reports of confirmed cases of COVID were reported in mid January, followed by the horrible news of a passing at the Manor which came on January 28th, that of a resident who had passed away the day before

Before the coronavirus would run its course, fifteen more residents of the long term care facility would pass away before the situation seemed to finally show signs of turning around.

In their brief update of today, Northern Health recounted the statistical notes of the outbreak that rattled the city over the last two months and left residents to mourn the loss of life of our elders and seniors.

In total, 33 residents and 24 staff tested positive for COVID-19, and there have been 16 resident deaths associated with this outbreak. There have been no new cases since February 10, 2021.

There is however, little background from today's announcement as to what caused the coronavirus to take root in the Long Term Care facility to wreak such horrible results on the community and deliver such sadness in such a short period of time. 

And that's something that should make for some additional study in the near future, not towards assessing any blame or to point fingers; but rather to ensure that we learn from the incident and that we revise any protocols required to make sure a similar event does not come our way again.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice made note of today's announcement through her social media stream, once again passing on her condolences to the families, friends and caregivers of those who have passed.

While she may be a member of the NDP government, Ms. Rice, may wish to take the lead on exploring the background to the outbreak and perhaps to even deliver a final report to the British Columbia Legislature.

If the BC Liberal's were  the current government of the day, and the NDP in opposition,  it would be something that local residents would no doubt expect of their representative in the Legislature.

The finding of such a study, could make for a explanatory review of how the COVID-19 virus has had such a large scale impact on a small and remote community and help other communities devise procedures to ensure as best as possible for the safety of their elders and seniors and the staff that are there for them.

While the current focus for us all at the moment, is the now underway vaccination program, no one should let the opportunity to review and report on the Acropolis Manor situation slip away.

That's the least that our health officials and politicians could do for the families of those who lost loved ones over the last two months in Prince Rupert.

You can review much of the path of the coronavirus at Acropolis over that period from our Northern Health archive page here.

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