Thursday, November 4, 2021

City of Prince Rupert announces that all Water Quality Advisories have been lifted

All Water Advisories in Prince Rupert have been lifted

After months of advisories and Boil Water Notifications, the City of Prince Rupert has shared some welcome news with its residents, advising that as of today, All Water Quality Advisories have been lifted.

The notice was relayed through the City of Prince Rupert website, Social Media page and App Notification program.

The Advisory comes with some additional advice on the latest water related news.

If water users continue to see a milky quality or sediment in their water, please run cold water, preferably through your bathtub or laundry sink taps, until it is cleared. Do not run appliances that use the water system (laundry, dishwasher, fridges) until water runs clear.

The most recent round of Water Advisories came following some extreme weather of August and September which had an impact on the Shawatlans water supply that feeds the city.

More notes on the City's infrastructure can be reviewed here.

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