Friday, October 15, 2021

"Urgent" situation related to Seal Cove Sanitary Sewer Outfall spurs on latest RFP from City of Prince Rupert

An aging map of some aging infrastructure. The City of Prince Rupert has
included the above document as part of their RFP for Bids
for some work on a sewer outfall on the city's east side
(From the City of PR RFP with BC Bid)

The city's aging infrastructure has sprung another leak, with the City of Prince Rupert posting a Request for Proposals to the BC Bid Website, this one related to work condsidered 'urgent" for the replacement of a 450mm Sanitary Sewer Outfall L, approximately 500ft long, along the end of Seal Cove Road. 

The prospectus towards the Outfall Replacement plan was posted to the BC Bid website on Wednesday with the City making note of some of the key elements towards the project.

The work is considered “urgent” as there is major separation in the encasement and the pipe itself is a key piece in the city’s sanitary infrastructure. 

The sanitary sewer outfall has failed and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Currently the main is active, but still leaking. 

Proponent must supply schedule and availability to start and end design works and provide a cost estimate to budget for the replacement in 2022.

Towards the work that is required, the City has provided a Scope of Services checklist for proponents for the work to consider.

The Closing date for those interested in the work is set for 4:30 on October 29th.

The timeline of expectations for the successful proponent would see a Draft Design and estimate in the city's hands by November 22nd, with a Final Design and Class B estimate required by December 5th.

The city will also host a mandatory meeting towards the project prior to the deadline for applications.

You can review more of the RPF from the BC Bid Website.

At the City Council session earlier this month, the City's Operations Director Richard Pucci provided council with a snapshot of some of the recent storm related damage that came from last month's parade of extreme weather.

Among some of his many observations from those weather events:

The wastewater treatment facility suffered some flooding, but the City was able to catch it and make sure that no releases of untreated material took place.

More notes on the City's infrastructure themes can be explored here.

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