Tuesday, October 26, 2021

SD52 outlines measures taken on towards ventilation in schools as part of COVID response

How the  School District has addressed some of the physical requirements of the city's range of schools at all levels made for a review provided through the SD52 website on Monday, with the District provide some documentation on how they have addressed ventilation in the schools.

The topic one which has been among the strongest of talking points for the British Columbia Teachers Federation

In their report, SD52 officials note that when it comes to keeping schools as safe as possible, the district has focussed on the operation of school ventilation systems. 

In the preamble to the documentation, the School District observes how these systems are carefully being kept in good working order, in order to increase the amount of clean air entering schools and classrooms, adding that the Facilities team has been working exceptionally hard to make sure the systems are working at each school site.

The documentation was compiled by James Warburton from the School District.

Among the observations on the work  required included:

All filters – at every school and site – were replaced over the summer and will be replaced on a regular schedule throughout the year.  

The ventilation system has been adjusted to increase the amount of outside air entering classrooms while continuing to monitor energy consumption. 

This helps maximize the circulation of clean air in schools.

The full list of documentation for each school in the District, can be reviewed here

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