Thursday, October 21, 2021

A return to the stage for Harbour Theatre is incubating for the New Year in Prince Rupert

After close to two years of limited activity on the stage, Prince Rupert's theatrical community at Harbour Theatre may be getting close to a return to the stage, with some positive rumblings coming out of their recent social media notices.

The Tom Rooney Playhouse on Third Avenue West has been darkened for much of the last two years of COVID isolation, the doors opening occasionally form some improv skills building with the Hook, Line and Snicker troupe, but the larger performances of the past for the most part have been on a forced hiatus through our challenges of the coronavirus.

However, the New Year, could bring some new hope for opportunities to take in some of the excellent work that has marked Harbour Theatre through the decades.

A notice to the Society's Facebook page notes of a Job Opportunity for a Festival Organizer in support. of the Community Theatre Group's plans for their first life theatre performance since January of 2020.

The details can be explored below:

Explore the position further here.

The word of the job opportunity comes following Harbour Theatres Annual General Meeting, which was held earlier this month, the gathering offering a chance for members to hear of how they have weathered the COVID storm and how they plan to move forward into 2022.

After a couple of years of Zoom workshops and limited attendance gatherings, the actors of the community and the many fans who have taken in the performances of the past, will no doubt collectively be awaiting with much anticipation to see what is planned for theatre's return to the Stage of the stage of the Tom Rooney. in Prince Rupert. 

The Harbour Theatre Society is always looking for new members, membership dues are fifteen dollars and you can learn more about how to join as well as to get updates on future plans from the Harbour Theatre Facebook page.

And with the good news that there may soon be some community theatre presentations in the rehearsal stage, we'll dust our Arts Archive page to prepare for the list of performances to come.

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