Friday, October 29, 2021

Federal Vaccine card now available through BC Vaccination portals

With the busy holiday travel season drawing closer, those planning to take a plane or train to a destination will have to keep in mind the need for the Federal Proof of Vaccination which will be required before accessing those modes of travel or cruise ships in Canadian waters.

That requirement for the Federal vaccination proof, goes into effect as of tomorrow.

An example of the Federal Proof of Vaccination 
Card currently in use with the Yukon

(image from Gov't of Canada)

To assist British Columbians in accessing that required Federal vaccination card, the Province today has announced that it is now available through the Health Gateway, Ministry of Healths web service, or by phone or in person through most Service BC offices.

The BC Vaccine card is
still good for many 
activities but it won't get
you on a plane or train
(image from BC Gov't
“The federal government is launching a proof of vaccination card to ensure that people who want to travel have what they need to do so. 

The federal card can be accessed in the same way as the BC Vaccine Card, which 3.7 million British Columbians have downloaded to enjoy non-essential activities throughout our province, such as dining in restaurants or attending a sporting event. 

By ensuring all of us are fully vaccinated, we can do more with the people we love, safely.” -- Adrian Dix, Minister of Health.

The British Columbia government also outlined a few other notes related to the dual vaccination program at the moment.

B.C.’s Vaccine Card will continue to be used for non-essential activities in B.C., including going to a restaurant or sporting event. 

The Government of Canada has also indicated it will allow people in B.C. to use the BC Vaccine Card to travel within Canada until Nov. 30, 2021, while the new federal proof of vaccination is rolled out.

More background related to today's announcement can be explored here.

Further items of note from the provincial government can be reviewed here.

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