Friday, October 22, 2021

Ellis Ross provides glimpse of how he views Diversity and Reconciliation in Legislature speech Thursday

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross shared some thoughts on the twin
themes of diversity and reconciliation on Thursday at the Legislature

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross delivered an overview on Diversity and Reconciliation that captured the attention of the members of the Legislature on Thursday, which spoke of themes of cultural interaction and the need to dig deeper for understanding. 

A passage from his short overview in the morning session provides a sense of his overview.

In 1792, my ancestors were awestruck by explorer Joseph Whidbey's huge canoe and shocked at white spirits, q'wemksiwas rising out of the floorboards. They made a trade of two 70-pound salmon for a piece of steel, and diversity had officially begun for this land that we now call Canada. 

My Elders told me about the first time they met Asians, South Asians and Africans, and their stories are always the same. 

It starts out with the observations of physical and colour differences, and then it turns to wonder and curiosity on both sides. 

And then, if conditions allow, it turns to the sharing of technology and culture for mutual benefit. 

You don't hear First Nations talking much about diversity, whether it be gender, race or religion, because we evolved beside it, and for the most part, we evolved within it. 

The fear that we had to overcome was actually overcome by interaction. 

Today, the lines of division are based in that same fear and unfair narratives, but we can get over this if we dig deeper, and I include myself.

However, the presentation is best explored through the video of the morning session which you can review below:

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