Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Get ready to Shake it Out with the The Great British Columbia Shake Out

Tomorrow morning, British Columbians will join millions world wide as they put in a little Earthquake preparation work, with a practice drill as to what to do should an earthquake strike, part of the Great British Columbia Shake Out.

The event held every year on the third Thursday of October provides a chance for schools, offices, industry and those at home to put into practice their own response plan should the ground start to shake beneath our feet.

So far, close to 9,000 participants on the North Coast have registered to take part in this years emergency response drill, with community groups and schools of the region leading the pack of those ready to Drop,  Cover and Hold On.

Find out more about protective measures here.

The World wide Earthquake drill takes place tomorrow at 10:21 AM

You can register as an individual or a group from this link to the Great Shake out website.

To learn more about the Great BC Shake out see the full information relay here.

You can also learn more from the ShakeOutBC twitter feed and Facebook page.

More information on Emergency preparedness and management can be explored here.

A look back at some of the seismic activity of the Northwest, Haida Gwaii and Southern Alaska can be explored here.

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