Tuesday, October 19, 2021

PNG Advises of ongoing work in Prince Rupert area with notes on potential impact for residents

Pacific Northern Gas is currently in the midst of some work in the Prince Rupert/Port Edward area and  in an update for residents of the region provided a snapshot of their maintenance program and what it may mean for the next few days.

In the Prince Rupert area: Pacific Northern Gas will be doing maintenance work near Prince Rupert and along Highway 16 near Port Edward between October 18th and 20th. 

 To keep our crews safe, we’ll be isolating that section of the line and lowering the pressure in a controlled way while the repair work is being done. 

As a result, you might hear some noise or smell natural gas during this period. 

 Thanks for your understanding as we complete this important safety work.  

The gas utility is also working along Highway 16 between Terrace and Prince Rupert, outlining the scope of that work as well:

Pacific Northern Gas is doing safety work near Telkwa Pass, Houston, Terrace and Prince Rupert. Our crews are performing regular maintenance, assessment and repairs to upgrade our existing line. You might see us digging or doing repair work near Telkwa Pass and along Copper Forest Service Road, Houston, or between Terrace and Prince Rupert along the Whitebottom Forest Service Road.

Updates on their work across northwest BC can be reviewed from the PNG website and Social Media feed.

More notes on PNG related themes can be explored from our archive page.

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